Fact Sheet
Call us at: 038 60 20 99 — OR E-mail us if you're shy, are you? info@puro.in

Restaurant PURO Welcomes you and your favorite friends to indulge your senses and get away for a whole night. Drink good wine, eat tasty food, light up a puro, grab a drink by the bar. All that you want for a good night out, is here.

We're waiting for you.

Make your reservation OR just show up with your compadres.

it's easy to get to puro. all you need is a car and some really good company.

Our chefs know that you deserve a good meal. That is why they go out of their way to make your meal a grand experience for you. Oh, and don't forget to salute our chefs once you're done eating. We love stuff like that.

Really good food is nothing without some really nice wine...

We are so proud of our wine collection. If you are a wine connoisseur or just a simple Joe wanting to taste some wine. Come on by - you'll be so relaxed, you'll start telling all your secrets.

White Wines

From the hills of Tuscany to those of France. We got it all for you.

Sparkling Wines

White grapes of wisdom in all our Sparkling Wine.

Red Wines

Wines red as blood make your tongue tingle.

Dessert Wines

Good dessert cake deserves a good dessert wine. Help them mingle.

we know your days are long, while you're taking over the world - that's why we have the lounge all ready and cozy for you.

a true beatnik writes…

We've been waiting for you
Since Morning, Jack
Why were you so long
Dallying in the sooty room?
This transcendental Brilliance
Is the better part
(of Nothingness I sing)


Jack Kerouac about the 'Bowery Blues'.

Hand-rolled Cuban Puros & Rich Cognac from far-away lands.

a place between light and dark. between the real and not so real. no. it's not the twilight zone - it's the time right after you get out from work and want to grab a few cold ones with your buddies.

Have to wait for someone?

Want to know the score from the last night's game?

You won't find any of that hereā€¦

You'll find a glass full of smiles and lots of tantalizing random talk.

for your office, event, or home.

A few to many guests over?

No time to cook and you still want to impress?

Call our BIG & Fancy phone number and let us know what you need.

038 60 20 99

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